Mexican 10 Peso Gold Coin

The Mexican 10 peso gold coin was first minted in 1905 and it was minted from 1905 to 1920. Then in 1959, fifty thousand pieces were struck. Another million re-strikes were minted from 1961 to 1972. The most recent release in minted in 1996 was minted in "matte" finish.

The Mexican 10 Peso Gold Coin depicts on the obverse the sideways face of Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla who was a priest and the foremost revolutionary rebel leader of the Mexican War of Independence. He is known as the ‘‘Father of the Nation’’ by the Mexican people for starting the movement for Mexico's Independence against Spain in September 16, 1810. It also has the engraved letters of its denomination in this case "Diez Pesos" (Ten Pesos) and the mint year. The reverse depicts Mexico's old coat of arms with the eagle facing upwards eating a snake on top of a cactus with the words "ESTADOS UNIDOS MEXICANOS" across the top of the coin.

Mexican 10 Peso Gold Coin Characteristics
Minted Year: 1905 - 1920; 1959; 1996
Diameter: 23 mm
Fineness: .900
Gold Content: 0.2411 troy ounce

Mexican 10 Peso Gold Coin Mintage Information

Year Mintage
1905 39,000
1906 2,949,000
1907 1,589,000
1908 890,000
1910 451,000
1916 26,000
1917 1,967,000
1919 266,000
1920 12,000
1959 1,000,000